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The club was started in febuary 1997.By a small number of members that wished to get back to true ham radio.Having a Dxing section .Homebrew section. Antenna section and Social section.ect:-. We have been in many dx contests and faired very well.we do phone/digi/sstv/cw. If you hear us give a call .



The History or Story Behind A.R.I.G.

The history behind A.R.I.G  why it formed ,is that as with many clubs the attention to ham radio has gone , and the interest is not the same. So 4 of us got together and formed this club, they were [ZS6EGB Emil,ZS6MG Vlad, ZS6KAS Keith. ZS6HWC Chris.] after this many more joined us .We do not want to be a big club as you lose the freiendship that has occured.It has been a success up to now.we always welcome new members that are interested in ham radio so if you are interested contact us. 



A notice board has been setup, it's called a [CORKBOARD] You can find the link toit on the bulliten page ,and you can leave messages there. About  Swops you [canot sell but you can swop],About coming events, News or anything you want the club members to hear about .Even events at your other club you would like to invite ARIG members  to .Just click on the link on the bulliten page and leave our message.Also there is a guestbook  link on the Home Page click on the link and please sign in.You can see who's signed in go to http://zs6ddx.g2gm.com/fsguestbook.html 

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Hi From A.R.I.G.CLUB Enjoy yourself